Producer Feeds offers rations for Thoroughbred racehorses, Western Performance horses, Saddlebred horses, Dressage horses, Hunter/Jumper or Eventing horses. These outstanding rations are proven as complete or partial solutions to the needs of the equine athlete.

Producer Feeds is proud to announce two name changes in our line up of Equine Nutrition Products. These changes to the product names will help you position these products correctly in the market place and will help make these products easier to sell to the end user. This “Safe Feeding” approach has been gaining more and more traction in the market and the science behind this approach is correct. Producer Feeds has been one of the early adapters to this scientific approach to feeding horses but the names of these products were not best suited for the demographic of horse owners that demand this type of feeding approach. These two products have the right formulation and now have the right name to match the science behind these two products.

Proformance Carb Control 14 is going to be replacing the name Catalyst. This Product has been designed as a low starch, low carbohydrate feed designed to be a safe feeding choice for horse sensitive to increased starches causing raised peaks in the Glycemic responses in horses. Carb Control is a higher fat low starch feed that is very versatile in its feeding applications. Carb control has the inclusion of chelated minerals, yeast culture, natural Vitamin E and Selenium to help ensure the maximum absorption and utilization of the trace minerals and vitamins. Product Code 501.

Formax Smart Carb 13 is going to be replacing the name Golden Advantage 13. This Product has been designed as a lower starch feed and lower carbohydrate feed. This product is a well-rounded versatile feeding choice that is at a lower price point. Smart Carb does include some chelated minerals and natural vitamin E and Selenium but a lower inclusion rate than C/C. Product Code 511.

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